A few weeks ago we started a charity collection of shoes for African children in GGA, South Africa, ( - see the public gathering here.
People in our village do not have any spare money (the living standard in the Czech Republic is rather low) to donate GGA directly, so we do the collection. We are trying to do our best. And your donation would really help to run the nonprofit NPO "Tlukot srdce pro Afriku" (The Heartbeat for Africa) much more effectively.

Why do we do the collection for GGA?

The founder of "the shoes collection" in the Czech Republic, Liba, spent a few months with Heather Reynolds in GGA in South Africa as a volunteer. Liba could see on her own eyes all the poverty and cruel living conditions of African children's. At first she ment to stay there and help Heather personally, but then she undrestood, what they need there to survive, and that she could be more helpful look for support back at home. So she came back to the Czech Republic a began telling people about GGA and looking for help. She also told me. And I decided to help by telling others and helping collect the shoes. Liba´s heart is beating for Africa. 

The team of volunteers of "Tlukot Srdce pro Afriku" would be grateful for your support.

Looking forwards to hearing from you.


The community food support program consist of 78 extended family group feeding between 530 to 560 person
 41 Children are living at GGA and attending school
 9 additional young adults are attending university or other educational system and have some sponsorship through GGA
 GGA also run various education program. YEDP youth enterprise development program. 
Sport program. Agricultural program recently initiated. Art and culture program (Young Zulu warriors).